I use to enjoy going to the end...

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    I just wanted to post this to share something that happened to my while venturing in the end. I got through the bedrock fountain in the end with half a heart left. Next time I say I'm going to the end, can someone remind me not to look at all the endermen? It'd help me out a lot.
  2. Wear a pumpkin on your head. Then you can look at the endermen without worry! :)
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  3. Dig three blocks down. Place one over your head. This has yet to fail me.
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  4. I know about the pumpkin, but I didn't bring one because i didn't plan on going to the end. I had a water breathing pot because I wanted to explore the location where the end portal was, which was underwater. I guess krysyyjane or aikar put one there, because it turns out there is no stronghold.
  5. If you tell me when's the next time you'll go to the End, I'll try to remember to remind you :)