I think this counts on EMC

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  2. They're too average :p Nothing interesting there.
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  3. Why does all the dialogue in this post remind me of Calvin & Hobbes.
  4. There should be a final definition: Troll.
    All of those, defined in one word: Troll.
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  5. This explains them completely!
    But what about the combination of all of those?
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  7. Agreed.
    I couldn't quite cateogerized myself in the first post on that forum thread, so I looked to the second one and found I was best suited as a 'veteran' player. :p
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  8. ==================== The Paranoid ====================
    These people come hand-in-hand with the Never-Forgetters, but go further to try and spread fear into as many people as possible. A minor change can cause them to say things such as "everyone is going to leave because of this" or "This is going to destroy the economy", trying to emphasise the fact that they are speaking for absolutely everybody, when in most cases many will not agree with what they say. You'll notice further down the line after the change when the plan succeeded, that these people will stay silent, and look for the next thing to draw fear into people.

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  9. I think that this sums up a lot of players on EMC (and I admit to being kind of a back seat moderator :oops:) but the truth is we have the best community around. We probably have the least of these players and if you go on any other server, you will not find a community more caring and loving. We probably have the least of all the bad player stereotypes.
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