I think not possible, teleport between 2 locations in widlerness.

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  1. For my idea the most nice option would be to have option to set soem Teleport from 1 coordinate to the other. like you can do on your residence. but i think thats not possible.

    Right ?
  2. Not possible, such an ability is currently limited to staff only.
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  3. In town i know. i mean the way you can teleport in town from 1 coordinate to other with a sign and pressure plate. Would be nice to have that option so you can palce 2 signs and 2 pressure plates in free account to make some teleporter between 2 coordinates that are not to far away (256 blocks max ?) the would make my idea perfect.
  4. But then you could chain them.
  5. 5000r per. Worth the cost? You decide :p
  6. Most definitely. It would make traveling mass amounts of items back and forth much easier.
  7. Uhh, if you can setup a protected teleport pressure plate. yes, thats usefull investment.
    But right now not possible in wilderness.
  8. 5000r is fine if its one time setup cost, like you have with locked chest. i just need a short distcnace teleporting in overworld to have the right effect. and that need to work always.
  9. Just in case you missed Chin's replied
  10. This idea is good but the trollsD:
  11. What trolls?
    1. Sorry, I mean people would troll in some way.
  12. good idea, but can be exploited...