I think my residence is being hacked!

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  1. First came a small greifing of 4 diamond ores and 1 bookshelf, very weird indeed, I got frusterated and took off all build privlages, and move privlages from everyone. The next day (today) I come on my residence and I see a dirt pillar right in the middle of my residence, I feel like I'm being hacked beacause someone came onto my residence with no move and built with no build privlages.

    Info: SMP 4 / 8595
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  2. I certainly haven't heard of this before, some things that may have happened;
    • As you said, the res was "hacked"
    • And the far more likely; someone might be getting onto your account.
  3. Nope, the first 4 diamond and 1 bookshelf was when i was still logged in, I was in a cellar with 2 of my employees, i come back 3 minutes later still logged on and I come back, gone.
  4. It wasn'nt my employees, one had build privs. but as I said, when I took them away and put move f, today weird occurance, dirt pillar.
  5. Then how do you explain the dirt pillar on your res after you came back?
  6. Change you minecraft account password. Same with your e-mail address if both are the same. If the problem occurs again, check with a moderator to see all the times where you logged on to the server. If the times don't match up then someone is using your account.
  7. Try resetting your permissions: /res default
  8. Thanks! Good idea! I changed my password, lets see how things go down...
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  9. Your IP address has not changed for a month. So, unless it is someone in your house, your account has not been hacked.

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  10. I'm not him, but this is related. Every day that Skulmiester logs into smp7 he claims stuff like this is happening to him. Says his crops are broken, things missing.
  11. Did he reset his perms last night like we suggested? Did he complain about it again today?
  12. He reset them but I haven't seen him today. His perms are still set to just himself.
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  13. It appears that Skul's IP address changes pretty regularly. However, it is always the same ISP. None of them appear to link with any other members of EMC, and it is never within the same day. It's fairly doubtful the players been hacked....

    [EDIT] After searching for a while, I've found 1 player that has shared an IP.
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  14. Thanks Bonzd. As long as we can get to the bottom of it and something done that would be awesome. He says enchantment tables go missing, crops broken and other things. Said he logged and came back to find cocoabeans punched off his logs and even at one point claimed it was mods trolling him. He also seems to give the same three people perms on his res repeatedly.
  15. Well, seems pretty obvious to me....
  16. Also, it is extremely rare that someone's account was truly hacked. And if it was, then its usually a relative or a friend who is messing with them.

    Any idea what time the last enchantment table went missing?
  17. No idea, he's just been complaining about all this stuff since at least December. I haven't noticed it before then because I either wasn't on then or I was in the Wild.
  18. I'd blame Aikar. He came to my outpost on Utopia and while invisible (both his character and his name on the current player list - I only knew cuz my brother pointed it out) he followed me shooting fireworks. Then he made a dirt skyscraper (Then removed it). Then he made a hollow obsidian sphere.

    With a wither in it.

    I have no idea what would cause this, but like the others I would just suggest removing all build / move perms.
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  19. The next stage in his dastardly plan to destroy the economy....
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