I think im late to intoduce

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  1. eh might as well do it. Meesa smata farmar for da Chorus (mada Repubic?)
  2. Welcome I guess? If you have questions concerning your stay please don't be afraid to ask around your local smp :)
  3. im not new im a month old and almost my way to richdom
  4. Im a moth old in emc and ive seen terrible things like someone leaving emc and greifing in his grave (except that i saw it was empty not griefed)
  5. oops mis calculate im like 4 months old sorry
  6. Why the duplicate?
  7. It's not too late, it's never too late! :D Welcome, Bacon :)
  8. xD
    but im like 4 months old going on 5 (that sounded wrong and wierd)
  9. I know, you mentioned! But you have to expect to be welcomed if you post in the introduce yourself section! :p
  10. ok thanx but question can u come to ChristopherJay's auction of 3 marlix bows i think my opponent has bid a min over 48 hours of my last bid
  11. also my Original Name was zaniki26 people still call me zani or zaniki
  12. Welcome! Don't feel bad, I introduced my self late too. Welcome! You can private message me here: www.emc.gs/conversations/HelloKittyRo if you have any questions! Just type my name in the 'participants' box! You can find me in-game if you'd like, too! I live on smp2. To get to smp2, log into to empire minecraft (the server), and then type /smp2. (Without the period at the end of /smp2).
  13. Remember you can use the edit button so you don't double/triple post, etc.

    Which auction? Take a look at the times in it, or if you want me to check, feel free to drop me the link. :)
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  14. ok ill send link
    or look at my recent conversations to see. i might have made some reasons of who won(lots of em but i couldnt edit )
  15. I cannot look at your recent conversations. I did go to the link, but he bid way before the 48 hour deadline. The auction is still running.
  16. but todays thursday and i bid on tuesday and it was the time 9:56 that i bid at then he bid at 9:57
    but ok
  17. For me (British), you bid at 2:56AM on Wednesday. That means the auction, which ends 48 hours after last valid bid, ends at 2:56AM on Friday. Today is Thursday, so Skare's bid is before that 48 hour deadline, by quite a while from what I can see.
  18. todays thursday for me but i bid on tuesday for me. but all this is based off of emc time
  19. But it was still before 48 hours from what I can see? I just looked at the times and it looks like he was hours before the deadline. Look at it again, look at the times, not just the days. 48 hours passed in EMC time is still 48 hours passed in my time, we just have different zones.