I Think I Might Be New Here

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  1. Hello,

    There is nothing else to be said about me, apart from I'm new, and I'm here.
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  2. Are you someone's alt? Or possibly a mutant spawn of Aikar and Maxarias?
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  3. Welcome!

    Who's alt is it?
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  4. Or maybe JackBiggin or Jcplugs alt?
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  5. Sounds like them... lol
  6. Thank you for the warm welcomes.
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  7. Did Max and Aikar have a secret kid? Probably not..
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  8. Now that would be silly...
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  9. Hi.
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  10. PLOT TWIST! Aikar is real, and Max is fake. Aikar made up Max so he wouldn't feel alone, and this is his combined account with "Max".
  11. Why does everyone think all alts are me now..
    Now I know how you feel jack..
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  12. I would reply, but I don't wish to talk to myself :)
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  13. Good one XD
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  14. What .... aikar and maxarias .... the trollin us again?
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  15. Welcome! Nice name... >.>
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  16. Hello :)
    Thanks :)
  17. hello......
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  18. Hello there. Welcome to the empire. Hope you enjoy it! :D
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  19. Hai
    I hope I do too
  20. I don't even talk like that:p
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