I Think I Got Scammed

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  1. I Had An Enchanted Axe With 1 Durability Left So, I Left It In A Chest. But Then, A Guy Came On My Res And Said That He Could Fix My Axe For 100 Rupees So I Paid Him And Gave Him My Broken Axe. I Waited For WEEKS And A Month Passed And I Realized That Either He Forgot Or He Scammed Me. Either Way, I Want My Axe Back If It Is Fixed Or Broken. If You Took The Axe, Please Rely On This Forum Thread And Give Back My Axe At A Time You Say, If I Could.
  2. Maybe you should look in your rupee history, and find the player then pm them or something?
    Either that or contact staff
  3. You should private message a moderator with these problems. They are a big help.
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