I tell you, i dont get it!

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  1. well alot of the time i have been here, i have seen alot of people commenting on a post, and this is an example

    "wow. sounds cool

    and i think... what? we can see your name?
    People have trademarks, thet you know are alright, like hasorko or eclypsys But... coz they have things like

    Greetz Hazorko
    So i just dont get why others do it? I mean, there names ARE right to the left of their post.
    Please, someone enlighten me why? Thanks

    MrSmiley99 :p
  2. Agreed, I think it's stupid to "sign" your posts in forums where the originator of the post is clearly obvious, like in this one. If you absolutely feel like you HAVE to have a signature, well... put it in your freaking signature, lol! :p (That thing down there ↓ where people often put "achievements", in case you don't know what I'm talking about)
  3. Yeah I often wonder this myself. Just read a post where someone did this. I also see some where it's like "This is ________ " and they put their message.
  4. Hmm. I really don't get it. Just stupid! - S_R_L_B
    It had to be done xD
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  5. I know. I think it's people just wanting to make sure their name is seen. It's completely pointless.

    Wish it would stop. :(

    -: Kilmannan
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  6. i use it sometimes :)

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  7. Maybe it's the new fad? Let's see if it catches on you guys.

    ~PandasEatRamen :3
  8. Well, if I am writing a private conversation to someone on the forums, I normally finish it with my name (Just Hayley) cos it feels like an email :) But never when I'm posting on a thread. I love when people say "Can I please be unbanned? I didn't do this. My minecraft name is iGrief"

    - HayleyColgan
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  9. redundancy is in our nature, dont question it :p
  10. Ignore what it says on the left of this post.

    ~ Notch
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  11. Just like when ppl say ATM machine. The last letter means machine Mr. Redundant. You don't have to say machine.
  12. i agree

  13. Oh So THAT's how it is...

    ~ Gregory House M.D.
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  14. It's just the same as putting empire minecraft publicity on your signature at the empire minecraft forums...
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  15. This is a very interesting thread.....

    ~ Jeb