I Shouldn't Be Allowed To Use TNT

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  1. So Jcplugs, Ahzeriel and I are working on a gold farm. And while digging some of the area out using TNT we kind of sort of blew up some of the wall letting some lava in haha. Here's some pictures of it.

    I'm curious of other people's TNT accidents, EMC related or not. So post below if you have an interesting one :D
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  2. Looks like fun :p
  3. I see you have lava.
    I wonder what on earth it could be used for.
    ( ° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Maybe... Lava walls? No, thats stupid, why would volt ever make lava walls >.>
  5. That's prepostorous, why would I do such a thing?
    Obviously it could be used for a safe trash disposal unit, that's one of lava's most utilitarian uses.
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  6. I prefer cactus for that purpose. If you accidentally fall in you are not likely to die.
  7. But that's nowhere near the magnificence of lava!
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  8. I just had one. I wanted a dispenser to launch fireworks when you completed my parkour course. I put the pressure plate down on a stone block surrounded by TNT. I failed horribly. Now I have to try to remake at least 3 parkour courses. Fun.
    2013-04-19_17.45.35.png 2013-04-19_17.45.20.png 2013-04-19_17.44.21.png 2013-04-19_17.41.54.png
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  9. As soon as i saw the first picture I knew there was going to be trouble.
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  10. We are talking about a garbage disposal, right? Not exactly where you expect to find magnificence. :D
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  11. 2013-04-19_18.06.41.png
  12. You got banned for your whole "OMGs Lez greeef da wldz wfff LAAAAAvaaahhhhh Wllz soh i canz gtts da rpeeesssssszzz555" plan.
  13. That's a magnifiicent . . . throne roome. ;)