I seem to have started a trend...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikat, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. icecream.png
    I think the Cow should start collecting royalties from Mojang...
  2. Goat was before you, though.
  3. What he said! I never did figure out who goat was :(
  4. HAHAHA........ I hope people don´t make another account just because they like the name "icecream........"
  5. That, my good sir is against the point. Many of these IcecreamAnimals were created in a blast, after my birth. They are in my army now.
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  6. I'm sorry, this is off topic, but your name and skin remind me of Mr_Tiny. :(
  7. It's not like I did that or anything...
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  8. I'm going to create an account named IcecreamSheep :)
  9. I say, IcecreamCow started the trend.. The rest are wannabees ;)
  10. Incorrect capitalisation of the Cow's name. I am ashamed.
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  11. I wonder why IcecreamCat, IcecreamCreeper and IcecreamChicken are not taken yet.. It's all ICC!
    If you want to follow a style, then atleast keep it on IcC!

    Nice try guys haha!
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  12. He didn't capitalise it wrong ;)
  13. so da*n right........ I guess they all have accounts with names like "arthur123" or something like that they used before. And then.. "Eureka.. I can make an account named IceCream *something*, and then I will be popular"
  14. Its an IcecreamCurse
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  15. and is that not good??
  16. It's very baaaadddd. Mr_Tiny is an evil griefer from Craspcraft who's going to destroy EMC! :O /sarcasm
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  17. I´m going to change skin tomorrow:p
  18. watch.jpg
    I can make you a cool skin for 20 rupees :)