I present you... your childhoods

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  1. Anyone remembers these guys and gals?
    These were the time that songs make sense and the song is not entirely auto tuned and not full of profanity.

  2. Videos no work.
    RAWR. :(
  3. It works for me :p
  4. You're making me jelly.
  5. They don't work me either...
  6. Weird... works for me even if I'm signed off.
  7. works for me:p just have to wait a second
  8. they all work for me :p
  9. iPhone why you got troll me lol can't watch them
  10. I used to have their marionettes from their It's Gonna Be Me video :)
  11. Hammer = My Childhood. Didn't Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Them come out in like 90 or 91? I was like 10 or 11...I remember finally getting the tape of that album. LOVED IT. Heavy rotation in my tape deck between that, Vanilla Ice and the Fresh Prince. Man, should I even admit that? :D

    Backstreet, N*Sync & Spice Girls not so much. They came out in the mid-90's, when I was 16-18 and nope, wouldn't be listening to them. Boy Bands & ditzy girl groups certainly weren't my thing at that time. Oh and the original boy band was New Kids On The Block, everyone else was just a copy of them. ;)
  12. OMG me and dwight liked a post at the same time! :D
  13. Haha nice
  14. Don't work for me because from Germany the GEMA blocks most music videos on youtube.
    Even some minecraft vids which use GEMA protected music as backround. The GEMA is kinda the MIAA here.
    Only thing I like in that playlist to be honest is the last one. My 90ies were different. I'd post vids but well, they are blocked.
  15. Oh god... I wish America doesn't end up like Germany and China. But because all of this "anonymous" group and pirating we'd be ending up a country that's going to censor the internet! As is they're already trying to do it with all of these ACTA and SOPA bills.
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  16. Yeah, I am not sure "anonymous" group and pirates are really the main problem. Those two fight against stuff like ACTA, SOPA, etc. And it seem they win at least in some areas. ACTA seems to be dead in the EU but I am sure there will be a next one.
  17. Never even heard those songs.
  18. Boo ACTA and SOPA but Sopa has been unactive in congress or with a hmmm can't think of the word of right now a group of people working on sopa has for couple of months now it's prolly not going happen or because of 2012 election is delayed because of the the presidential election
  19. O_O.... "You're dead to me..." well... if you were a 90's kid you'd know the songs. Gosh I missed those times... Greatest songs were made and I had a favorite anime (kinda violent had to do with organic robots or something) and I can't remember it but heres what I sort of remember and maybe someone could give me suggestions on what it is.

    What I remembered was there were these guys that are in a lab and in the middle they're experimenting with this organic thing and then suddenly it becomes alive. After that I can't remember anything and last part I remember was that the humans were fighting more of these organic robots or something. I loved that anime and I might love it even more now since I'll understand it even more! So if you can kind of determine what it is post suggestions even if your not sure.
  20. Hmm. I was a 90ies kid. The last one was nice, the other once I did not really like. I was not into that boy/girl bands hype back then.
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