I need your screenshots!

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  1. All in the title~

    I need interesting screenshots, they can have effects and such if you want to add them yourself. It can be a screenshot of just you, you and your friends or your favorite pet! I'd prefer if it was in F5 mode with you facing the camera, but it's not a major thing.

    Let's add a bit of context....
    I just found this beautiful song

    It has a lot of possibilities and I love it <3

    I think you can see where Im getting at, this is going to mostly be a big test animation sort of thing.
    Any screenshots I get will be put in at the chorus of the song, the "All I want to do is live in Minecraft" parts. Of which there are about 3 of in the song. The other parts will be many many drawings by me

    I'd prefer it if I could get no more then 2 screenshots from one person, unless you have several that you'd like to submit. Just remember that they might not all be used.
    You can give me a screenshot by either PM or simply by posting on this thread! I'll get them either way~


    I know I've 'failed' a lot of projects, but that's why I have a To Do List. I'm really only starting this out of an Art Block I've been having. Any inspiration I can get is wonderful
    Before any huge progress gets done on this, Colours of EMC will be completed or almost finished since I have been promising that for a while and several people are involved
    I'm just hoping to get a quick head start on this so when I do start it's already partly sorted
  2. Well, I am not sure if they are any good, but feel free to use either of these!
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  3. Ooooo, very nice :p
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  4. Take what you find useful :D 2014-06-08_18.20.34.png 2014-06-10_17.29.05.png 2014-06-10_18.22.27.png 2014-07-10_07.22.56.png 2014-07-15_14.46.48.png 2014-07-19_09.02.30.png 2014-07-21_18.32.21.png 2014-07-24_14.51.04.png 2014-07-27_13.27.55.png 2014-07-27_13.28.37.png 2014-07-27_13.43.31.png 2014-07-27_13.58.46.png
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  5. 2013-09-16_06.32.19.png 2013-09-20_21.57.04.png 2013-09-20_22.23.51.png 2013-09-23_19.38.42.png 2013-10-02_06.45.57.png 2013-10-02_06.46.06.png 2013-10-02_06.46.52.png 2013-10-02_06.47.05.png 2013-10-02_06.47.47.png 2013-10-02_06.48.37.png 2013-10-02_06.50.15.png 2013-10-02_06.50.34.png 2013-10-02_06.51.57.png 2013-10-02_06.54.31.png 2013-10-04_16.29.00.png 2013-10-08_06.54.53.png 2013-10-25_18.18.26.png 2013-11-02_09.53.55.png 2013-11-11_06.47.18.png 2013-11-25_14.28.41.png

    Some may not be what you are looking for.
    More coming soon to you in another post! :D
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  6. 2013-12-23_05.36.18.png 2013-12-24_16.33.54.png 2013-12-24_16.34.36.png 2013-12-24_16.36.40.png 2013-12-24_16.37.45.png 2013-12-24_16.38.33.png 2014-01-22_16.46.55.png 2014-01-27_18.54.10.png 2014-07-15_21.16.06.png
    Color problems?
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  7. Bump
    Thanks for the screenshots so far guys~
  8. Does this fit into the criteria?

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  9. You can use this one instead of one of my others if you would like :p It is more.. Unique, I suppose :)
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  10. To take an arrow to the knee.
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  11. Found this one, choose either one :3
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  12. I'm finding that much more majestic then I should
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