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  1. Just as a note, most of this is relating to my series "What if the EMC Staff...?". This is only in a new thread since there is quite a lot I need opinions on.... If you haven't yet seen my series, it's in my signature. Ok, thanks!
    Oh, and this contains spoilers on the "Classes" update! No picture though, so not everything spoiled...

    (I'm horrible at starting threads xD)
    If you've been following my series, you'll know that I've added "Classes". Well, going to be adding classes... But the problem is, I keep changing the pictures because I don't know what you guys expect from it, I don't know what you want them to be or what you want them to act like...

    Oh and before we get started, the part of the series I'm current working on is the more... Violent version? I don't know how to explain it. Less jokes, more the staff running around destroying stuff xD Nothing to bad, I promise!

    If you want to skip the information and just see the questions and important parts? Check the orange bits highlighted! Dark orange is really important to me!

    1. So far, I have... about 3-10 classes. I know that's a big gap but I don't know what you guys think of most of the classes. There's pretty much 2 that I'm doing no matter what, but that's not the point...
    I'm not going to get anywhere with this if I don't just tell everyone what classes are xD They're coming out in a few weeks anyway... (Now I know why I suck at threads, I ramble on! -.-)
    The 2 I'm sure of are Hacker and Greifer.... Before you spam me with hate, I do NOT support either hacking or greifing, so calm down -.- I've checked if this is ok, and it is.
    Others I have are: People who can turn into mobs (like Kryssy), Inspector (in charge of finding who the hackers and griefers are), Mob Tamer (Tames hostile and peaceful mobs), Lookout (..A lookout..), Optimist (looks at the good things), Pessimist (looks at the bad things), Warrior (melee attacker), Archer (bow attacker)
    And a few more that I can't remember at the moment... (Lost my notes xD)

    2. I need songs for all of the staff! I have a few ideas, but I need opinions on them
    JackBiggin: Counting down the days - ItalioBrothers OR When can I see you again - Owl City
    RobbieJo: Greifer - Einshine OR Burn - Ellie Goulding
    ISmooch: Everybody Loves Me - One Republic OR Cooler then me - Mike Posner (The problem with Smooch is that I don't want to offend him with the song...)
    That's all I have so far but of course if you have any ideas for other staff it would be great
    3. As you can probably tell from the classes above, I'm treating this like a roleplay... Which is not what I wanted it to be, but my brain is just throwing roleplay ideas at me -.-
    This is the main one, really. The main thing stopping me...
    No matter what I do, there will still be art and animations for it. And the main thread will stay no matter what!
    It's just while I'm waiting for Flipnote Studio 3D to come out, I'm not really doing much with this apart from drawings. Which bothers me since I can't really get the community, you guys, involved with it too much...
    It's been running through my brain for literally weeks to start up a roleplay thread for this... *sigh* It sounds stupid when I say it on a thread like this... -_-
    It wouldn't be a roleplay as such, well it would, but UGH... It would be a roleplay, yeah, after everyone gets their classes sorted (if they want one) the roleplay would be open to join. It would involve me playing as the staff, making them do what I imagine them doing, causing chaos. This may or may not affect the main thread. Having a roleplay like this would give me things to draw, like scenes and other people as the classes. Which inspires me just thinking about it!! nwn
    It feels great to get that off my chest... It really does... But, what do you think? I don't want to be blocking up the forums with two threads about my little series... Would you guys mind?
    Obviously having this roleplay would slow down the main thread being bumped, but I would still work on it as a priority!
    Don't feel the need to comment on everything or anything
    Even just reading this would be good, even just saying the smallest thing. You have no idea how much it means to me!
    I'm so good at writing walls of text and rambling on about unrelated things -.- Thanks for reading this!
    I feel like I've missed something... Last updated: 10th March
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    Edit: I would've made a google survey thing for this but I don't know how xD
  4. Wow. That's a lot to think about.
  5. To be honest I think you should go with what you think is best. I know that in the process sometimes you doubt and it helps to get the community's feedback, but it would be more efficient if at one point you choose to make the design decisions for yourself until it's finished.

    You said you'd like to get the community involved in this project, and I think you already have done that quite a lot with the first thread you made about asking people to sign up and suggest ideas. I would try to finish a part of it now (like a chapter) and show it to the community. With the feedback you receive then you can work on the next chapter. Or you could even finish this project and with the received feedback start on a whole new and improved project idea. Just make sure that this project remains overseeable and don't make it too big. I doubt you'd want to get stuck in a year/1.5 year long project. As long as you take it one step at the time and keep making bits of progress you stay motivated. I can imagine that waiting for flipnote and discussing ideas with the community is delaying your progress you need to stay motivated and inspired. Sometimes you've just got to work with what you've got and trust that you're doing the best you can. That way you'll be able to stand behind your finished product, and even if you think it wasn't as good as expected you can use what you've learned from this project to make your next project better.

    Again, for the songs: go with what you think fits best. I doubt the staff is going to get offended or angry at you haha. They know you're all doing it for fun. :) Don't be afraid to trust your ideas. :p
    And the roleplay idea: if it inspires you, you should definitely do it. Just go with the flow of your ideas. >.<
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  6. Thank you.
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