I need you EMC.

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  1. Hey EMC,
    I want to build something really cool but I want you the community to be able to benefit from it. So this is where you come in...
    If you could please tell me what you would like to be built that you could use and after a few days I will review the comments to see what people want. This build will be built on Smp9 for I have no free res's and I can't move them or I'll loose them. If anyone wants to donate a res so it can be built on another Smp please comment below. So please post your suggestions! :)
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  2. I donate Hawkmow's res on smp6 (12056). If you need it.

    As to what to build... I got no freaking clue.
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  3. Well thanks for the option of using that res. I need to see what people want first but thanks a lot! I will keep the res in mind.
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  4. I think smp6 is a good idea as smp9 already has enough projects and lag.

    I also have no idea what to make :p
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  5. ... A thrift shop :D
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  6. Auto chicken farm. Not eggs, but meat and feathers too.
    Have a box with 100 chickens, send the eggs they drop to a dispenser which shoots it out into the box, giving you a steady supply of chickens. Now be inventive on how to kill them.
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  7. Water....
  8. Senior staff can move reses for a fee.
  9. Not cross server. ;3
    Must be on same smp.
  10. Animal damage = true and fall damage.. Or lava.

    That just gave me an idea, where I can build a machine that the public can use. You can throw a bucket into a hopper and it goes through a little redstone system and spits out what you want :p
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  11. A public well? Use dispensers to take in a bucket and return a full one...
    To the redstone lab!
  12. I never saw it in the thread but major derp on my part.
  13. No seriously. They throw a bucket into the hopper, it collects water from an infinite source and spits it out. Not a bad idea. Or you could pay like 20r and it'll spit one out without a bucket, using a shop to dispense a bucket into the system automatically and get it filled.
  14. Yep, I understood you the first time.
    I'll be experimenting.