I need to fill my library!

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  1. Hey you! Yea you!
    Have you been on EMC for over a year? Well then I have something for you! You can be paid to write your own autobiography! I have a library but nothing to put in it! So I am giving veteran members a chance to share their personal EMC story! And best of all you will get paid to do so!*
    All you need to do is write your story in a book and sign it! However their are a few guidelines.
    Please use proper grammar and keep everything within the book appropriate. Just title it as "(Insert your name here)'s EMC Story"
    Then turn it in to me and depending on length, grammar, and your EMC age is depending on your pay. EMC age will not be factored into it as much as the other two. Then post below that you have done that and I will respond when I am on and able to examine the book.

    *The max amount you can be paid is 250 rupees
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  2. I'm still looking for people!
  3. Only speaking for myself, but I don't find that rewarding enough for the effort it would take to do. :p And that's even assuming I was paid the max amount, which clearly isn't guaranteed either. ;)
  4. Question: does the autobiography have to be completely factual?
  5. Im in :)
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  6. I do need to offer more, so the amount has been raised to 1000!!!
    Yes and no, you have to describe major events or experiences you'e had on EMC.
  7. Challenge accepted.
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