I need texture pack help!

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  1. So, I got a Zelda texture pack and I added some new textures for the Custom Mobs mod that it supports. I was disappointed to see that the zombies and pigmen were horribly screwed up. I checked the files and they were all normal, but when I started the game, this happened: 2012-11-12_11.25.52.png
    Can someone help me out?
  2. Did you use OptiFine/HDpatcher to patch it?
    If so, try reloading it or uninstalling and installing again.
  3. I have OptiFine. I didnt use MC Patcher because it gets rid of all my mods.
  4. Tip: Don't use MCpatcher and OptiFine. Bad things will happen.
  5. Such as?
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  6. Black screen.
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  7. Haven't had that myself.
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  8. Me 2, i don't know what's wrong?
  9. Why don't you also post a screenshot of your texture pack here as well. Not that you didn't do it right, just to double check. :)
  10. If you use them together then it doesn't work because Optifine has MCPatcher in it is what I was told.

    Not sure how to fix your problem though :/
  11. Do you mean mob files or block files?
  12. Heck... why not both :)
  13. Okay, here they are. I only posted (Some of) the glitched mobs. terrain.png Example stuff.png
  14. The zombies look glitched because of the new zombie(pigmen) file.
    Here's the comparison between the old file (before 1.4) and new file (1.4).

    Old file --><-- New file

    The difference is that the new file is twice as big as the old file. (64x64 vs 64x32).
  15. another way that mojang screws with what shouldn't be screwed with