I need some one good at pixel art.

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  1. If you are good at 3D pixel art i need a giant Krysyyjane statue and a giant ignoramoose statute proposing to krysyy. I will need to see creations you have done. Where will it be built on utopia at /v 5353
  2. Is it going to be the whole res or just a section of it?
  3. I can do it, check out my reses for references ;)
  4. Section i will have signs
  5. Sorry to sound dumb, but what are those? Do you have any reference picture or link ? I can do pixel art, but that's going to be hard if I have no idea what the subjects are! :D
  6. ohhh myyy goshhhh I suck at pixel art but I wish I could help. Sorry! :(
  7. I'll do it then, I don't mind working with others...
  8. Section i will have signs
  9. Do you have pictures of what you have done in the past?
  10. Hey! Be patient! I'm on it already!
  11. need 2 people one for each statue...
  12. Yes, here is an album: http://imgur.com/a/1lVl7

    The first image is a job I did for Eclipsys, it is located at 207. The other image is from a creative world that I lost the data from and the third is map I'm making soon for EMC...
  13. Whelp, this is most of the pixel art I've done so far..

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  14. I was going to offer until I found out that this isn't really pixel art. If you're making it in 3D, it becomes statues which I'm not really good at.