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  1. my friend and i want to play on the EMC servers but he has a cracked version of MC, and i was wondering if he could join EMC or that he needs to have a premium acount.

    he always obeys the rules that are on servers and he is in general verry friendly.

    i hope somebody responds to this and i can inform my friend about it.

  2. PM a mod wrt to this, rather than him(?) risking a ban for using an unauthorised a/c
  3. Yeah, it's not allowed. EMC doesn't support piracy, especially when it's our whole platform. :)
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  4. Like AlexChance said.. You can buy the full version at minecraft.net for $27.95 USD. Well worth it :)
  5. Is it really that expensive now? - I got the beta version circa 3 yrs ago for £5! ($7.99)
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  6. ok I thought it wasn't allowed, but I just wanted some feedback.
    i will inform my freind about this and ill try to convince him to buy the game legit. ;)
    still thanks for the feedback guys, that is what i like about EMC everybody help eachother when there are problems :D

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