i need some help!

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  1. alright fellow empire beings!

    i need some major help. i've got a huge problem.

    about 2 weeks ago, my computer monitor started giving me some minor issues.

    - it would take forever to turn on, as soon as i hit the power button the light would turn blue, and start flashing but the screen would stay black.. every time the light would blink i could see the monitor like, flash a darker black (if that is even possible)
    after about a minute it would turn white and do some funky color light show (all i can describe it as) and then turn on. would work fine, no problems. wouldn't give me any errors, no update this notifications.

    so i opted to leave it on and put a screen saver on it so i wouldn't have to wait for it to turn on.

    well i don't know what happened to it last night, but it was off this morning with a orange light.

    so i went to turn it on this morning, and now it just sits there with a black screen and a blinking blue light... i have no idea what is wrong with it, i plugged in a smaller (horrible) monitor that works but it is sooooo tiny and i hate it already.

    my monitor that isn't working is a P215H Acer HD

    the monitor wont work for any other computer in the house, even if i just plug it into the wall the blinks, so it has nothing to do with the computer itself.

    please, if someone could find what is wrong with it, or already knows, and can help me fix it, or give me information on what to do with it, i would be greatly appreciated.
  2. i've tried different wall cords and different vga cords as well, nothing works :(
  3. Can you maybe place an picture of it?
    I also got this:

    This is normal MC:
  4. no no, i'm not having a problem with minecraft, its the entire monitor. has nothing to do with minecraft.. lol
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  5. It's just to show what's wrong with my screen. Can you maybe give an picture?
  6. the screen doesn't turn on, the power light is what flashes blue..
  7. Owh... Do you know someone who's good at computers or that kind of things? Or maybe go to an computer shop and ask it there :)
    Sorry if this doesn't help you...
  8. mine is a flats screen, i am not entirely sure that would work, but, if that first picture is showing the problem that monitor is having, that isn't it :(

    reading through that again, it doesn't smell like its burning anything while its on.
  9. i can't even find a "power button flashing blue" problem in the manual for the thing.... >.<
  10. Ya I had to deal with them when Hp repaired my desktop.