I need serious help!

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  1. Hey all. My minecraft account got hacked and my password was changed. I cant change my password cuz my account is hacked. I am going to buy a new Minecraft account but can i move my current res to my new account?
  2. I'm pretty sure you can not transfer res ownership. You should go to minecraft.net and have your password be reset to get your account back.
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  3. if its your accoutn you should have access tot he email you made the account with, reset password. we dont transfer ownership
  4. Hotmail was a serious.............and deleted my email account.
  5. Well, then I guess you can't do much about it, sorry:(
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  6. I won't put advice since everyone ninja'd me. So I'll point that even staff have trouble spelling things. Just degrading the emc staff, like you do...
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  7. You should be able to reset password through email. Email should not be affected if it was just your MC that was hacked. If it was your email too then there are security questions to get your account back. If you get these questions wrong, or do not have another email attached to that email to refer you as the owner then they will lock you out, and at this point you would have lost everything on your MC account, sorry, there is not much anyone can do here.

    Possibly try to get back into the email/reactivate it, if not, possibly try to get in contact with someone or search it up on google search. If all else fails, then it looks like a new email, new MC account, and a new start in EMC, sorry.
  8. Degrading the EMC staff? How?
  9. He wasn't pointing at you:p He meant bitemenow, I think
  10. By pointing out their few flaws e.g spelling fails. I did mean bitemenow15 not anyone else.
  11. I've had hotmail accounts that I forgotten to log into at least once a month before also, just log back into it and it should reactivate the email. As far as I know hotmail will keep you email address for a wile so you have time to reclaim it.

    But if you cant get the email back your probably out of luck. Use Gmail I think they have a longer time you can not log in before they reclaim it, if they do that at all. If you use hotmail again log in to your email once a month to keep it active.
  12. So did you get your account back? (related to your other thread)