I need motivation :(

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by PetezzaDawg, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. Hey EMC, recently i've just been quite demotivated to play minecraft, work on my outpost and things like that. I really don't want to leave this amazing community and the people i've met, so i'm asking you people to help me:How can I motivate myself? Thank you all :)
  2. Ha, I think perhaps Tim could help you here ;)
    I'm sure other people will be too, but I don't think I could help much, as I haven't really been playing Minecraft much :p
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  3. I'm with you
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  4. If you are playing too much, take some breaks, and when you come back you will feel better...
  5. Alternatively you could just be like me and do this and play it even less after the break.

    Seriously though, if you need motivation to play a game, it's time to step back from it for a little bit.
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  6. I would make goals for yourself in EMC or Minecraft, for example try to beat your friends in rupees, or build a huge farm. Goals in Emc is what makes me play because it gives me motivation. You could also start a collection and try to collect special items like 60k members gear or Staff Heads. Overall just make a goal which you enjoy to do then spend some time on it, but don't spend every hour of every day on it, take breaks. I hope this is helpful :D
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  7. Taking a break is ok.

    You could try something new -- Catch a few fish. Ride a horse across the frontier. Fly an Elytra across the frontier?

    For a fresh perspective you can play bring-a-nub. Find someone new to EMC and help them start a small base. (Help them do it, don't just do it for them using your town supplies or you rob them of the discoveries.) Meeting a new person can make things more interesting.
  8. Thank you all, I just had a friend smack the truth into me. Not going to go into details but Thank you all so much! :)
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  9. And here I was about to suggest building a community farm at every /wild c So that food would always be around for those that need it for there travels.
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