I need modding help again

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  1. I think this is the 5th time I've asked for modding help. How do I download the Little Blocks mod? I downloaded forge properly, and my game will run, but right when I put the little blocks mod folder in the mods folder, my game will crash! Can I have some help?
  2. You should try installing the MagicLauncher minecraft launcher, i use it for Rei's minimap, it instantly installs most mods and you can turn mods on and off at the push of a button, you do NOT have to touch the META inf files or whatever they are called, and you usually only need to download modloader into magic launcher, and most mods will work. I have used the little blocks mod before in singleplayer and you should download Modloader and then the mod, Modloader has to be above littleblocks or it WILL NOT WORK, after you download the launcher you will click either setup or options (Setup i believe) it will bring up a menu with buttons to the right saying Download, add delete etc... click download and it will take you to MCForums to get mods, click add and all you have to do is find the mod file you downloaded and click on it, it will open it up in the list of mods currently active and you will be good to go!
  3. I have the Magic launcher. I use it to download over 15 other mods.
  4. Oh ok i see, does it say there are any errors with the mods when you view the setup screen? i remember using the Modloader instead of Forge for littleblocks (It was a while back)
  5. Now, it needs Forge. And I'm not new to the launcher. But when I put Forge into the magic launcher it thinks it needs forge too. That's where I'm stuck with the Magic Launcher.
  6. Then there isn't much i can help with unfortunately :/ all i can reccomend at this point is checking to see the versions are all up to date and compatable and maybe reinstalling LittleBlocks something may be wrong with the file that MagicLauncher isn't noticing.
    Like i said i'm not an expert at this :p
  7. I don't like MagicLauncher, I use MCPatcher instead.
    One of the mods is conflicting with the Little Blocks mod. You'll need to overwrite your .JAR file and then install Little Blocks in that.
  8. I can't really help, but I would have to say that Soul is probably right with mod conflicts. I suggest you find any conflicting mods, and then make a new selection without said mods.
  9. I suggest going to the original forum post for Little Blocks Mod for assistance. :)

    I imagine the author or dedicated users could help you out. This is just a hunch, of course.
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