I need Help :(

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  1. My chickens absolutely will NOT lay eggs! I have a lot of full grown chickens and they haven't laid any eggs :( Is it some server rule or something? I feel like it isn't, because I've been to other people's residences and they seem to be working just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks!
  2. Hmm... i will pop round and have a look
  3. I think one of the flags control it. I seem to recall having the same problem once. Try "/res set animaldamage true".
  4. Thanks for trying to help :) @f_Builder_s
  5. @Pab10S Weird.. that worked! Thanks! That flag doesn't mean people can damage my animals though, does it?
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  6. Only you can damage your animals. :)
    (And gravity, lava, and any other thing that can damage animals)
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  7. Okay Thank you all so much!
  8. But chickens cannot be damaged by fall damage
  9. The breed flag or having its own flag controlling it seems more logical. It should be in the Wiki either way, but I couldn't find it. We will have to pass this knowledge on to our children through stories around the campfire like they did in times of yore.
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