I need help

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  1. Hm, it doesn't work. Are you sure you got the right url?
  2. After you click "Generate," you have to copy the FORUM BB CODE, not the url.
  3. This is the forum bb code I copied and pasted:
  4. Please leave the BB link in your signature. It will help us get more populated. That shouldn't be much for a free, awesome forum signature, right? :D <3
  5. 1.PNG 2.PNG 4.PNG 5.PNG 1. Go to website and click on NEW FORUM SIG.

    2. Fill out what you want it to say.

    3. Click generate.

    4. Copy the BB Code, highlighted in red.

    5. Paste under signature. Your name, then signature at the top.

    6. Profit.
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  7. What???
  8. YES! I DID IT! Thx so much!
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