I need help with an Error Log...

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  1. Hi EMC,
    Whenever i logon to the MODPACK AGRARIAN SKIES(From Curse Voice), the going into the world is fine but whenever i try to open anything with a GUI, like chests, furnaces and even my inventory, i crash and get this report.
    I have tried:
    restarting my computer
    Restarting the Pack
    Deleting the WHOLE pack and re-downloading
    The funny thing is that earlier in the day i could open a GUI but after a few hours it stops working and crashes me. Please help me D:
  2. Not a 100% sure, but from what I can tell you have missing files. I would suggest backing up your worlds, screenshots, mods, resourcepacks, etc, and then delete your .minecraft file. You should then relaunch Minecraft normally to generate the new .minecraft. If you want to, you can transfer your backed up files back into it. If I'm not mistaken, which I probably will be since its been quite a while since I've done this, it should work.
  3. I am running the modpack from curse voice and ive deleted the whole minecraft part in the files and re-downloaded it
  4. There are too many mods for me to easily figure out what went wrong, but I do have one question:
    Did you have a modded client before installing the mod pack?
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  5. Ok, i dont know if i wasnt clear on this but when Curse Installs a pack, it installs its own minecraft folder with new things
  6. when i tried playing agrarian skies it also crashed

    my solution was deleting the original minecraft)not just the application but also the folders then re installed MC and reinstalled forge, run it and then it worked
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  7. hm...
  8. ok, so previously for whatever reason i pulled a copy of the AS2 folder and i put it in and now it works?
  9. That's because of the client trying to read duplicate mods, most likely. If you try to start a game that has more than one copy of a mod in it, the game isn't going to work.