I need ... help? or advice?

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  1. So.. someone hacked my minecraft account.. but I can only get on the forums.. and I dont want to loose my res's what do I do??
  2. Start a pm with krysyyjane9191 asap.
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  3. Well, first you should probably figure out how your Minecraft account was hacked. Usually, it's because of something you clicked on, a link, a phishing email, a virus/trojan/keylogger/etc. I'm just guessing here but if you trace your steps back recently, you should be able to identify what you did that compromised your MC account and/or computer.

    You may need to change your email password if that has been compromised. Enable 2-step authentication if you can.

    Do these things first, because if you retrieve your account but you are still compromised somehow, you could just lose it again.

    Finally, to retrieve a stolen Minecraft account follow these steps:
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  4. Well.. what happened was I already looked.. I tried to request a password change or email but they changed the email and password.. I was just on my account 13 days ago. then today I tried to log onto it.. and I couldnt get on
  5. If you still have a copy of the receipt from the account purchase, you may be able to contact Mojang support and force an e-mail change to something you can access.


    Definitely do this!
  6. I did.. but like Im waiting on them to contact me back.. same with krysyy
  7. Noted. It may take a day or so tops to hear back from krysyy. Mojang is another story but hopefully they'll be speedy too.