I need help and I'm not quite sure where to post this...

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  1. Hello everyone! (BTW I had already gone to 1.8) So today I logged onto minecraft as usual and all ways dandy... As I knew, just didn't feel like fixing my username was spelled wrong. For those of you who don't know it was spelled SirCheif_McCloud which wasn't right, I was just to lazy to fix it at the time. Anyway today I went onto mojang and changed my name. Now it isn't letting me onto any server, (much less EMC) even if the server has been updated to 1.9. It claimed that the server hadn't been authenticated with Minecraft.net. Can anyone help? P.S. Sorry if I posted this under the wrong thing-I wasn't sure where to put it.
  2. Important thing here is: you need to restart your game AND launcher. If that doesn't work try logging out and logging back in again (in your launcher )
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  3. Thanks! I'm trying it right now
  4. It worked
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