I need computer help :(

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  1. Hello Everyone :)

    Since about 2 days i got this error when i start my computer up. It keeps it on this screen forever.

    When i then hold the starup button for 5 seconds, it shuts down, and when i then startup, it works... :confused: but when i then restart it again, it don't works....:mad:

    So does any of you have tips for me? Thanks :)
  2. I really have no idea. But be prepared for "LULZ ITS A DELL!"

    Did you try google?
  3. What can i search on?

    lol i even have a Dell screen :p
  4. :O Why do they need my computer? Why?!
  5. They got mine too

    My windows cpu when i start it up it say restoring and just stays on thst screen forever
  6. From what I can see, thats an older type of monitor.
    Have you considered that soon enough you may need to press the off button, permanently?
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  7. What do you mean with this?
  8. I'm pretty sure he means that it is an older computer, and may not be properly functioning. Consider getting a new one in the near future.
  9. Be glad my laptop's keyboard and tracpad both had power surges. It literally fried the board so i am stuck using my touch mouse and on screen keyboard.
  10. lol my PC is working fine :) i use it for gaming, MC at 100+ FPS...
  11. When you say 'Forever' does it stay at that screen? Or does it just take a long time?
    If it stays at that screen either your BIOS is corrupted or you need a fresh install of the OS that you prefer. If it's just taking a long time I'd recommend cleaning some junk out of your hard drive. To improve start up times also you should invest in a SSD, or Solid State Drive. They improve start up times dramatically.
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  12. It stays there.
  13. Yeah you'll probably need a fresh install of your OS than. I'd take it to Staples or a computer hardware store though and ask for their opinion as well. I share your frustration though, when I was building this computer that I'm on right now, I had that same exact problem. I just needed to do a fresh install and I was set :). Hope you get it fixed!
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  14. I just now looked at your sig and realized how messed up that is.
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  15. ;)
  16. You mean i need to reinstall Windows Vista?
    EDIT: or do i need to clean it up?
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  17. Yeah re-install Vista if you can. Before it starts booting I believe there's a screen where it says press f8 (may be different for you) to enter boot menu or something like that.
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  18. F12 :) But i don't have a disk for Vista... i got this computer for free from my teacher, go 2 extra RAM cards, and it become a (almost) free gaming PC :D
    (lol no i don't have a disk for Win7 aswell :p)

    EDIT: i don't have a USB stick for 100GB xD
  19. My first guess would be a flat bios battery. When you turn it on it may be detecting/reseting the default bios settings and when you restart it it starts normally as there is still enough juice in the battery to hold the settings for a few seconds. If it is bios related a reinstall of your OS will not solve the problem, it would be like putting petrol in a car which has a flat battery. :p

    Flat bios battery or corrupted bios may be the issue, I would try a battery replacement (relatively cheap), and if problem not solved flash the bios with an updated version (potentially technical and possibly risky).
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