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  1. I need a DC of coal so if anyone has any please let me know.
    Just post how much you have and how much rupees you want.
  2. And I need you to stop using caps.
    DC's of anything will likely be auctions, and since coal is a good fuel, it will be a very high one.
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  3. Don't forget, if it's for Furnace use, you're better with Blaze Rods (Which can be bought on SMP5 at 10199).
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  4. Nah lava buckets are the best.
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  5. [/FONT]
    Lol you are saying that, while you have a coal auction going yourself:p:)
  6. Waste of iron and a pain to go and get - plus you can't stack 'em. :)
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  7. Honestly if you are an advanced Minecraft player you'll probably have access to a Blaze farm of some sort in which case Blaze rods are always better for smelting...
    The best fuel in the game though would be charcoal blocks (although at this stage only coal blocks will be added) which stack to 64 and each have the energy of 9 coal... These are far more efficient than any other fuel as far as I'm aware, correct me if I'm wrong :)
  8. Depends on how you're measuring it. Charcoal blocks would be resource intensive and again, a pain to get.

    Blaze Rods = Exp, Fuel and infinite in supply within easy reach (Grinder).
  9. You can buy Coal at
    /v 1112
    /v 413
    /v 405
    /v 4005
    /v 3456
    /v 1728
    And many more ;D
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  10. Guys I wanted coal not blaze rods and that other stuff I just said i wanted coal.
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  11. Fair point although for a noob or someone who doesn't have a blaze farm it is far more accessible as it grows on trees (literally :p)
    I myself use Blaze Rods and probably always will ;)
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  12. I have around 25 stacks of coal at /v 4005 cyan floor, not quite a DC but you're almost there. :p
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  13. I have lots of coal at 3583 on smp2 on black floor :)
  14. Thank you Alex and jrm or telling me the information I needed.
  15. Stads, in retrospect... it's super easy to feed thousands of items of fuel into a furnace now with hoppers. If you have 3 or 4 double chests of blaze rods set up into each furnace... I think you'll be good for a while.
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  16. Coal at 10117 @ SMP5
  17. I should have some coal in stock at 811 on smp1!
  18. I often forget about the new features lol :p Very good point ;)
  19. Crafter2442 has some good coal stocks.......msg him in game!