I need coal, black stained glass and allot of it.

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  1. Hey, recently i have become a supporter and got a second res. I have decided to create a new build for my self, but the problem is i have kind of bought allot of the shops out of coal blocks, coal and black stained glass. Is there anyone selling these items in bulk? if you are please pm me
  2. 9122- I have loads of coal
  3. what smp?
  4. If you still need coal, i can get you it and maybe a little black glass
  5. yes i still need about 10 stacks of black coal not sure about glass now
  6. Tomarrow, I can sell you some
  7. i have glass, cant stain it but ill sell you reg glass
  8. dont worry spidey i have enough glass atm. ark when are you next on?
  9. Ill be on at around 4:30-5:00 EST, depending on when I get home and how long my homework takes.
  10. okay its 20:30 now andi gotta go in 30 mins, im on now btw
  11. i will set up a chest with the coal at 3940 on smp2 when I get home and we will discuss price in a pm.
  12. ok sounds good
  13. well, my sorting system is acting up, so i won't have any coal for a while. I will get back to you when it is fixed if you want to wait.
  14. depends how long? :p
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