I need a new skin

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  1. 100K prize being offered to anyone that can come up with a new skin for me that incorporates basically the same head but a better more stylish body. (I do not want to look like RainbowChin but rainbow socks are a plus!)

    If I use and keep your skin, you win.

    Edit: To clarify - Must be an original skin. You can get my current skin from any of the skin sites (just search for my name)
  2. Do I have to make it?
  3. I will have a go
    Can i have a link
  4. Making one....

    Post reserved for when I finish...

    Also just cuz I feel like reserving a post...

    Okay, try this:

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  5. This is my first time making a skin, so you can laugh at mine if you want.
  6. can i get the skin file?
  7. Thats a pretty penny, Sir Socks. I'll see what I can forge together. I could "use" that 100k. Also, I will give 15k to the first person to PM me with a picture of my purple skin.
  8. Skin file Just making it easier.
    download (1).png
  9. Whats a good place to make a skin?
  10. Why not make your own? It's fun! I've made over seventy of them.
  11. He wants the community to love (his money) him!
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  12. This is a way for me to save time and give away some rupees :)

    I will look at what you guys have posted tomorrow when I have a chance. :)
  13. Not 100% original, so don't count this one as an entry. I just did this for fun. Here you go!
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  14. Mines not the best but I still wanted to enter! Tried my best on the headband. And the hair doesn't strand over, but its cool to me xD
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  15. Does the skin need to have clothes? Or can it be naked?
  16. Naked skins are against the rules =P
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