I might leave EMC, or I may stay.

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If Im given staff role on other server, will I be missed?

yes 7 vote(s) 46.7%
Maybe 2 vote(s) 13.3%
You thought I was gonna give you a negative choice, not today! 6 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. So, Ive played EMC for a long time and I can say, its an amazing server. But, Ive been told I have a huge possibility, on another server, to be a staff member. Ive asked some staff already if they are usually able to play two servers at once while being staff and I got the result that they usually don't go to other servers. So, if Im given the role Im going to be saying my good byes on EMC by doing a 250k give away with all my promos a long with it. But if Im denied, Ill stay here and play there as well. That is all, you can say your good byes here if you want, just won't confirm anything yet.
  2. i dont usually post on threads like this not sure why but i will say this much. I have ran into this issue before as well, emc was the 3rd main server i played on and saying that im going to get to the point. the first server i played on some 4 years ago maybe a bit longer when they had first started it i had enjoyed it. it came to a point that they had me run one of their servers and eventually life caught up and i couldnt any longer so i had to leave. but while i was running one of their servers (their pvp/faction) i was playing alot on another server as well (the second server i played on). i had plenty of time for both because i made the time as i would spend a bit of time on the one and the rest on the other server i wasnt staff on. just because you are faced with possibly becoming staff on one doesnt mean you have to completely leave another server because there is always time for both especially one that you have been with for quite some time. staff position really shouldnt be a determining factor of whether you stay or go. i will leave it at this
  3. What kind of position is it?

    I was a staff member on a smaller server (50-70 online daily) and still had tons of time on my hands for EMC. If it is on a smaller server there will not be as many things to do as there would a big one, and even if it were to be a bigger server like EMC you would still have a bit of time as long as you managed it right.
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  4. hi i may have not know you as well as others might but i hope you dont leave no one should have to leave there friends behind
  5. i dont think you will have too leave as others have said, i own a server and i manage my time wisely and i can get on emc alot but my server isnt that popular , so it also depends on if the server has alot of players
  6. What about the staff position would make the other server more important? You are playing this game to have fun. If the staff position means you have more fun, then you should spend your time on the other server. If you see the staff position as a responsibility or something mature, than you are doing it for all the wrong reasons.
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