I may be gone for awhile

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  1. Not sure if this sorta thing goes in here, but anyways.

    My laptop is down and out with a virus right now, so I may be gone for stretches of time longer than the 10(?) day limit. I will try and log into the forums when I can, but for the actual servers, I am pretty much SOL as I am not allowed to download ANYTHING on this PC cause it ain't mine. So no wonderful MC for me.

    Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    >:C Durn viruses....
  2. if you have a close friend on EMC or someone you trust they could log into your account every other day or so so your res wont be deleted..? i could do it if you would want. (im not trying to get your account lol)
  3. Unfortunately not. And no offence, but I will pass on that offer. Sharing that kinda info will make me more paranoid than I already am XD

    Sorry, I forgot to add "Thanks for the offer". I thought I had already >////<
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  4. hahaha yeah i understand i wouldnt do it either. but fortunately for me i have like 3 friends i go to school with on emc so this problem isnt really a problem butt i do hope your computer gets fixed and good luck! :D
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  6. Thanks for the kind words ;w;
  7. You can open Minecraft in a browser window. Couldn't you do that?
  8. Doesn't work on this pc.
  9. Ohh, that bites. D:
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