I make icons and sigs-FREE!

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  1. As some of you might know from reading my posts, i've been looking for icons and sigs, but i have found out how to make them! FREE!

    Avatars: Just write what you want to be doing with or without others like having a party or hunting for diamonds, i can put you and some friends on. List the friends you want on the most, and yourself of course, you can have up to two friends. I'll put some examples below from people who ordered soon.

    Sigs: List if you want your name or your nickname (you have to tell me your nickname!) Then what message you want on it. Then if you want your head or your upper half. Last, tell me the background you want. I might not be able to get the exact background, but i can get close to it.

    Thats all! Bye! -You do not have to pay me, i will accept payment if you want me to or offer it- SORRY, I have to close this for a while, ive been busy, if you still want something post it below, i will eventually get to it... thanks for understanding <3
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  2. May I have an avatar as me fighting a wither skeleton in a nether fortress? I'd like the gear of a diamond chestplate and a diamond sword!
  3. Can I get one with my name, holding a diamond sword, in a sand biome near one of those sandstone temples? also put SMP8 on there in a cool font :)
  4. Sure! Coming right up in like 5 minutes!
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  5. Avatar or sig?
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  6. here ethy i hope this is good
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  7. Holy moly! That is EPIC!!! I did ask for a wither SKELETON, but that is even better!
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  8. Thanks. It only takes me 5 minutes an avatar and 3 a sig. if you ever need a new sig or avatar just tell me.
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  9. Wow...
  10. here sorry i couldnt get the diamond sword
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  11. Heh, Minecraft Magic XD
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  12. Yeah, there is no wither skellies. Just withers
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  13. That is ok. :)
  14. These look awesome! If you're still doing avatars...

    I'd like my character to be holding an iron sword and fighting a skeleton. Any plain background, like the one from Ethy's. Thanks.
  15. Guessing these are signaturecraft, judging by your signature's watermark? ;)

    Edit: Also... I believe the avatars are novaskin. :)
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  16. Signaturecraft.us xD

    EDIT - Boozle ninja'd
  17. Can I get one with me holding a Diamond Sword And Wearing a Diamond Chestplate And Helmet! And me Killing Wither's Around me! In a Nether Arena!
  18. I would like an avatar with me throwing golden apples in the air (if you cant do that, just have me hold them ;)) with any background u think looks good! I'll donate 500r if you complete it for me :D
  19. pretty much but dont tell my secrets....
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  20. Unfortanutly, i cant do that. But i can do something like this if you like: