I love EMC!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by SignifiedSix, May 12, 2012.

  1. I've played on a few other servers before, but EMC is where I'll always play! The community is perfect and the servers are flawless!

    I'm glad i came across this community.

    Thanks, Justin, for the best servers out there! :) <3
  2. We're glad you enjoy them. What you claimed we are is our goal...and we've only gotten started with this thing. ;)
  3. Great to hear comments like this! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself so much.
  4. Lol, yeah. I quit pretty much every game besides Battlefield 3 on the xbox and Insurgency on the PC for this server.
    I am truly great-full to be apart of this community.
    I'm not even a moderator and i enforce the rules when there is no mods on.

    Hopefully i can be a mod someday! :)
  5. I also have a team speak server set up.
    The IP is
    Password is thomas
  6. Feel free to join!!! :D
  7. Asking for mod is a sure fire way to not to get mod, also I think we have a muble server aikar is working on.
  8. wait a long time ;) and be nice :p
  9. EMC is epic <3
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  10. true story :p
  11. Yes but not as Epic as it's staff that make it so EPIC!!!! :p
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  12. I'm not asking to be mod. I'm just saying i hope to be one soon. I applied a while ago, so i hope my time comes :p
  13. You got that right! :D
  14. If EMC wasnt a part of my life, I would be bored 24/7
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  15. It's always great to have more Cheeseheads on EMC!
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  16. Lol, i see you're from Illinois. Did you move there from Wisconsin?
  17. I did indeed. Dumbest move EVER!

    [edit] okay, that may be a mild exaggeration... not really in league with "crossing the rubicon" and the whole Donner party moves.
  18. Lol, yeah I don't see myself ever moving from here :p

    Where in Wisconsin did you move from if you don't mind me asking? :O