I Lost my residence

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by GaurdianShot, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. I was absent for a little over 4 months, I don't know what kind of grace period there is before a residence goes back on the market, but I would like to know if my items can be returned, I can build a new place... but I spent a good chunk of time on the items.
  2. The derelict policy is that residences get reset if someone does not sign in for more than 10 days. Sorry you didn't know about that..
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  3. Yes I am sorry, it is very rare for someone to come back after months, and we don't keep items :(. The derelict policy is in the Empire Guide and it also reminds you now when you claim a residence :) Look on the bright side, you can start with a fresh lot, so many possibilities!
  4. The best friend on the empire is still the GUIDE!!

    im sorry for u man... see this as another chance and start new!! :)
    dont leave the empire.... its a great server!!
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  5. You got a Pikachu on your shoulder!!! XD :D:D:D
    What did you lose? I will donate a lot because you got a pikachu XD
    I like Pikachu :D:D:D YAY!!
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  6. Hahahaha, That won't be necessary nnnmc1, but thank you.
    I am glad to be back, and if I can help it... I won't be leaving EM for a long time!
    I will begin searching for a new Res today ^_^
  7. I have a pikachu on my res. we can be best friends xP
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  8. I have no idea where your res is >.< I decided to move back into Server2
  9. I'm on smp2 :)) number 3646. When you tp there, just turn around.
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  10. did you go check out my Pika?!?!
  11. Yea. Big Pika :D
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  12. I KILLED PIKACHU!!! :cool:
  13. Oh and Ill be happy to donate 300r. ;)
  14. :mad: DISLIKE!!! :mad:

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  16. :mad: DISLIKE!!! AGAIN !!:mad:
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  18. I SAID IT CLEARLY :mad::mad:DISLIKE :mad::mad:
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  19. NERD RAGE (But really pickachu is aweomse
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