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  1. I know this video is old, and it may be out of date, but DRM is always a threat to PC gamers. Watch the video to find out why DRM sucks so much.
  2. Drm is kind of a grey spot in how well it works. I didn't watch the video but I do know a little about it. The idea of DRM is to prevent people from pirating the game. Obviously, it is important that the creators get the money for the game that they made. The problem is that DRM is something that, when used incorrectly, just upsets those that do pay for your game. The other problem is that pirates will always find a way around it and will take your money. I really like the way Steam does DRM. You can install and play a game on any pc as long as you are logged in and no one else is logged in as you. This system offers paying customers the most freedom while also ensuring that piraters don't have an easy way to steal the game because you must be logged in. I really hope this comment is actually relevant since I didn't watch the video.
  3. In the video he mentioned that in the new sim city's Drm you don't actually own the save files so when they shut down those servers you are forced to buy the next game because you cant get to your saves.
  4. That is a great example of drm that does nothing but frustrate those that actually pay.
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  5. What is DRM?
  6. Digital Rights Management.

    Also, the always-online DRM is gone and has been since March of this year.
  7. A cancerous disease that's infected many games over the years, often rendering them unplayable to the people that purchased them.

    Google it if you want to know the visceral details, but in a nutshell it means "Digital Rights Management" and is intended to serve as an anti-piracy measure so that only people who bought and paid for the game can use it.
    In practice however, often times the pirated version with the DRM stripped out functions better than the retail version.
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  8. I think SimCity 4 changed to DRM free already...
  9. Ohhh I love NerdCubed and his opinions
    He lets people know about his opinions and I respect him for that

    I have no opinion on always online DRM, since it doesn't really involve me too much
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  10. IMO, he often seems to shove his opinions down other's throats. When I first started watching him, I was really put off by how he basically said "Your opinion is wrong. Mine is right". >.> *I do share the same opinions with him on most things though, so its k :p*
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  11. SC4 I believe is old enough that there was no DRM on it.
  12. I think you mean 5 :p
  13. Which they just call "Sim City" to confuse the hell out of people.
  14. Oops...
  15. Hey; it's not as bad as Crystal Dynamics constantly rebooting the Tomb Raider franchise and calling every game that kicks it all off 'Tomb Raider'. The 2013 Tomb Raider should just be called 'Lara Croft', because it doesn't actually have much to do with raiding tombs.

    EA are also rebooting Mirror's Edge and calling it Mirror's Edge.
  16. Tomb Raider (2013) and Mirror's Edge (2015) are both technically prequels, not really reboots.. Lara Croft is like 17-18 in the Tomb Raider (2013) game and Mirror's Edge is supposed to go more into Faith's beginnings as a Runner.
    Correction: Both games can be considered reboots, however they both also cover storylines earlier in the flag characters lifetime which would make them prequels to the original games.

    Also this is still my favorite review of Sim City:
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  17. Tomb Raider takes places in a different timeline to the earlier series of games. The earlier ones take places during the 1900's, but 2013 takes place during 2012.
    Imma leave it at that, because I don't want to off-topic the thread more :p
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  18. I'll just leave this here...

    Lots of swearing.
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  19. Are there no simcity videos on youtube without swearing? :/