I just got grief and NEED financial help

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by techguy2727, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Hello empire,
    I'm rather new to this server and my res just got griefed, I owe somebody 3k but I spent all my money on repairs (all 234r) I really need help or I might get banned, Thanks!
  2. im not kidding
  3. plzz im in deep trouble in need r!!
  4. Ill donate 3k cuz ur my friend and im a boss
  5. THank U!!! Did u see my RES?!?!?!??!?
    also, i dont have rights anymore
  6. Acculy i havent seen ur res. What do you me u dint have rights?
  7. its not working, also when I came in ur door this guy got in ur house and the gam glixhed and he stole everything in 1 of ur chests, all I saw was stone and glowstone,
  8. First, you've been here longer than I have so in what way are you "new to this server?"

    Second, starting threads to beg for rupees is uncivilized. I've never asked for or received a single rupee in the time I've been here, but given away tens of thousands of them (mostly to my son).

    Third, don't give out perms to people willy-nilly to do crazy stuff to your res. If someone's res is griefed, although we want to and will catch the griefers, ultimately the griefee has himself to blame. You are fortunate to have friends to help you out this time.
  9. oh... well i ws starting a spleef game and then one guy went bezerc and started destroying everything. I forgot how to take away rights soooo he got everything at my res the person was [name redacted]. And i owe someone a LOt of r so he will report me if i dont pay bye 12 pm tonight.
  10. It's mostly a hollow threat. We aren't contract enforcers, you pay him what you owe when you can to avoid being a thief (which we do enforce). If we get a /report that says so_and_so didn't pay me what he owed me, most times the report flag simply gets removed. Although there is a good chance that the person reported will be monitored, and the report will stay in Square for us to see if there are additional reports.

    If you don't have proof against the person who stole and griefed you, there is very little we can do. Although you can file a report so that there will be a record of the incident. However, you are NOT allowed to post that person's name on the forum so I'm editing it out of your comment. If you do it again, I will temp ban you for that alone.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.