I just failed in the most embarrasing situation possible.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Darkwellor, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Lesson: Don't jump off mountains, or you WILL DIE. :mad:

    I think I lost a lava bucket doing this.
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  2. I think that's the general idea of mountains, the evil things.
  3. lol, how to avoid this

    step 2: go onto utopia
    step 3: go to utopia wild

    THERE YOU GO! no fall damage ;)
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  4. How not to avoid this:
    Step 1: Go on top of a mountain 24 blocks or higher.
    Step 2: Act Stupid and carry 10 stacks of diamonds
    Step 3: Jump Off!!!
  5. Tony's Terrible: Minecraft Survival Guide
    Step 1: Go to the top of the highest mountain
    Step 2: Drink Redbull
    Step 3: Jump
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  6. Copy cat! :mad:
  7. ;)
  8. Don't ;) me!
  9. It was actually a different concept than your's. Why take this so seriously? It's a fun joke in it's own nature. :)
  10. Don't feel too bad. I was up to 25XP and had 17 diamonds as well as a full backpack of; 3 stacks coal, lapis, 2 stacks of Iron, 3.5 stacks or redstone and half a stack of gold and got killed by not watching my armor level while fighting MULTIPLE zombis. :mad: Couldn't get back to the wild in time to save any of it! 4 hours of work ...gone. :(
    Oh well, call it a night and go to bed and start the new day off fresh. :p