I have no idea what is happening, please help!

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  1. So I was on SMP9 earlier when I went to type a message to a friend. I hit ENTER and the message did not appear on my screen. I tryed relogging in, but now I cant type anything, mobs in the wild don't react to me, and chunks aren't loading. I don't get messages from anybody, and nothing is shown in chat but the Welcom message. I tried logging in again, restarting Minecraft, and restarting my computer. My internet is working fine. Please help!
    EDIT: On other EMC Servers I just spawn in the Void, and still cant use chat or commands.
  2. Your Java is probably timing out. Try logging in tomorrow and see if it works then
  3. 1st step try re-installing your .minecraft folder. If the problem persists perhaps quote this post letting me and others know. This could of course be related to the Empire Minecraft Survival update though. Just try the .minecraft first ;)
  4. Meh, smp9 is probably having an attack again like it always does :p
  5. If the Java is timing out then a computer or Java restart should fix the issue.
  6. Yeah but their client is loading chunks at all forcing him to infinitely fall into the void whenever he logs into any Empire Minecraft Server. Something to try does this happen in single player or on non-EMC servers?
  7. How do I do that? sounds like it is worth a shot :)
  8. Your internet connection probably isn't too good try resetting the router :)
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  9. Go to '%appdata%\.minecraft\Delete the '/bin' folder. Start Minecraft through the launcher, click options, force update, login and the client will begin download a fresh Minecraft 1.5.2.
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  10. That's what happens when smp9 freaks out. They can't connect to any servers and stay "connected" to SMP9
  11. My internet is fine :) I can watch youtube/ netflix with no lag whatsoever.
    I will try now :D
  12. Yep it is probably the internet thinking further about the issues their internet connectivity. Run a quick test on SpeedTest although it isn't the most accurate site, it'll give you a rough idea (half the result).
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  13. Cool, thanks to know ;)
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  14. Oh so this is why you couldn't answer my question
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  15. It also shows players on live map, too.
  16. Ok try resetting your computer or while logged in to the server type "/tps" If below 20.00 it is on the servers end.
  17. He can't type into chat though :(
  18. Yay more useful information! :D
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  19. unfortunatly it did not work :(
    PM me :D
    Yes people say they can see me and such
    Nothing happens, just like if I type anything else :p

    Thanks for the help guys. I really hope this is not permanent
  20. Why don't you ask someone on this thread to tell you :p