I have found yet another giveaway. PC giveaway :3

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are you entering?

Yea 8 vote(s) 30.8%
No 10 vote(s) 38.5%
Idk, should I? 4 vote(s) 15.4%
Potato 10 vote(s) 38.5%
Gold 3 vote(s) 11.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I found a giveaway that ends in 12 days, you can enter here :)

    It is for a PC, a gaming mouse, and a Headset. Enter if you'd like, just wanna show you awesome people the good cheer of a giveaway.
    Edit: first 20 minutes, 4 referrals :eek:
  2. Dj, that one post probably just made everybody wonder who's refferral link to use. Lol

    Edit: until I can refresh my entries, I'm 87.34% sure you didn't use my referral. Just wait :p
  3. Bump for the day
  4. Here is another link if you're interested: http://splur.gy/r/lykdl/r/2TXRJ7nJC6F

    this one may or may not help you get a 75% better chance of getting the PC!

    thanks for the info golddigger, I just built my own desktop less than six months ago(this is about 30% better than mine though xD) this will allow me to give this one to my sister... haha
  5. I wnat to enter the give away
  6. Just click the link an enter yo email, you don't need to enter your real name.
  7. No, I'm definitely not doing this.
  8. Bump, 8 days left
  9. How many entries do you have? I have 14 :p
  10. 34 0-0
  11. Well, if you'll win, distribute the pc parts between the people who used your link ;)
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  12. That's a lot of people.. 10 ppl sharing the pc parts lol