I have been robbed

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  1. Hi all

    I have logged in today and I realized I have been robbed.
    Someone stole my diamonds, enchanted picks, nether warts and other high value stuff.
    Not much just like a full inventory of stuff.

    Noone have any flags on my res (just default).
    My chests have signs above them so I know what is in them.
    I'm aware I won't get my stuff back but is it possible to access a chest through a normal sign (not a shop sign) or any other way?
    I don't want this happening again. I spend too much time to gather my resources to lose them just like that :(

    Any tips will be highly appreciated :)
  2. Well hax maybe? Put dirt over your chests when you log off if no one has build rights, then they wont be able to open it
  3. There is a missing piece here. I have a high traffic shop with tons of chests, have never been robbed.

    U forgot or miss placed ur items.
    U gave perms to someone and forgot (use /res info to check!)
    U made an access sign for someone
    Ur lying (not saying u are, just felt i should add it to the list of possabilities, thr are all kinds of people on emc)
  4. I was giving him the benfit of the doubt about a hacker existing, last one sounds the most probable.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I will answer to Leowaste ideas first:
    1. I did not. I checked all the chests in my res.
    2. First thing I did was to check the perms and noone have any on my res.
    3. As I said I had signs with labels (like ores, stone etc.) no access signs.
    4. I will not get my items back anyway so what is the point in lying. I just want to know what could have happened.

    In this post it is said it was possible to steal from chests by using the signs:

    If it is possible to steal easily from chests without being caught (hacks or tricks) it will cause a lot of trouble for everyone.

    Terr thanks for the trick with the dirt but I think I will just close my chests underground in a bunker or something.
  6. Lucky, excuse me to interfere on this matter, i just went to your residence in smp5

    a) your personal chests are nowhere on plain sight (guessing u have piston activated doors)
    b) indeed your permissions are set to only you
    c) the possibility to steal from chest using the signs post was made today 8 hours ago

    I find it all to be too much of a concidence

    should i add that the chest acces via shop signs was removed March 5?


    Im noone to judge, but im guessing its only an attempt to gain profit over a issue created w/o bases a while ago... wich was already solved weeks before it came up to light...

    Next time I'd suggest to read further deep into the threads to make a better alibi (or however its spelled)
  7. Dont think he had shop signs tho
  8. he has a shop there, however ALL are properly created

    as for his personal stuff... no clue how to get to it (he said he has em properly indentified) so im guessing he has something like this:

    | |
    | = ORE = |
    | |

    To wich w/o explicit container flag.. NOONE can have access

    EDIT: fail sign drawing.. looked good on my side till it auto adjusted it
  9. I locked access to my underground floor after the accident so you couldn't get in.
    Locking seams to work fine then.
    They are regular signs (not shop or access) but it seams its not the issue.
    The problem is that a lot of my valuable stuff have disappeared and it was placed in many chests (not just one).
    I'm just wondering how could someone access my chests without a container flag?
    I checked everything carefuly before posting here because I have no clue what might have happened.
    If it is not possible to do this in legitimate way it looks like a hack of some sort :/

    I read about it on different forums and it seems that minecraft can be easily edited due to the open code.
    It is a bless and a curse :/

    Anyway I don't think moderators have any kind of logs that could track items so it seems I will never know what have happened :(
    Any more info will be highly appreciated.

    It is also really interesting how the human kind will accuse the victim first only because they don't know the answer or think that the rules are holy or something. If people can hack into Pentagon they can hack into stupid Minecraft chest :/
  10. minecraft is an open code , true
    chance of someone messing with it "SERVER SIDE" requires a lot of hacking skills wich could be used to make more harm than just take your valuables, NO CLIENT SIDE (player's) hack can allow you open chests that you dont have permission/flags onto

    keywords there: PENTAGON and "STUPID MINECRAFT CHESTS"... find a refference? one is totally worth it to the eyes of teh hacker.. the other... its just... "STUPID"

    as for "accusing the victim" you are not the first, or last that will try and attempt to fake a robbery to make profit, dont preach about "human kind" when its also part of "human kind" to lie and try to make seem things are something they arent
  11. Hi Lucky,
    I've never seen a 'refund' to anyone, just to start with :p
    anyways, i do agree people can hack minecraft chests, but think with me: A person with such power will just go and grief you? or will he go to rich people *cough*d1223m, Dark_Liz and tons of others*cough* ?
    Also, would they grief just couple chests, or just BAM BUM IRHAJWDHAU the whole server?

    Yes, minecraft can be edited, no it's not possible in multiplayer (they would have to access server files to actually do something, and EMC servers are hosted on a dedicated pc under high encripted passwords and top security stuff)

    Also, a case like yours have never been seen at EMC servers...
    Moderators: Can you guys check logs for residence flags around him?
    Maybe you gaved someone and then forgot it or something...
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  12. First of all, as I said in my FIRST POST, I know I will not get any refund what so ever so could you please read it and keep that in mind.
    I want to know what have happened so I can avoid it in the future.
    I gave build and use permissions only once to a guy but I set them to default after his job was done.
    He didn't get container perms and everything was intact then.
    Then I logged in after few days and my stuff was gone :(
    My stuff is not a big deal but the fact that someone can just rob me like that.
    I don't want to waste my time in my free time :) if you know what I mean.
    Maybe other people had similar problems. Maybe it was due to those updates?
    I'm clueless but thanks for some info.
  13. You seem to be rather unlucky. Get it?
  14. What would be a good idea (in my opinion) would be for a Moderator to check the Session logs, if it is true that Lucky hadn't logged in for a few days as he stated, there should be a lapse in his join times (when Square is set to absolute time, not relative) HOWEVER if there is not a lapse in his join times regardless of Lucky's not logging in during that time, is it at all possible that somebody else accessed his account?
  15. I guess it is.. but if i logged on his account, i wouldnt ONLY stolen his private chests and just some items from them.. but ALL his store, taken down all the glowstone etc... i mean.. c´mon
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  16. here i would say that i am pretty sure lucky wouldn't lie so i am completely unknown to what is going on
  17. Well, as i stated on other threads (about people loosing stuff or residences being unclaimed)
    We can't put to a side the fact that maybe it was just his/him/ brother/sister/mom/dad/dog/cat/friend/mind trolling him.
    That would be double checked with ip matches and log-in sessions.
    But no items are logged at EMC so there would be no point at all.
  18. In my honest opinion, this should be directed to a moderator directly. The accusations of a party lying when there is no hard evidence to stand on is absurd. Constructive criticism works best. If you haven't caught the accused via screenshot or other means, you should not call another player a liar. For all we know, YOU could be the thief/hacker. Nobody knows... but you can tell us that you aren't, and what right have we to call you a liar without proof? I rest my case.

    This should be taken up with a moderator directly, otherwise this thread may in fact turn into something it was never meant to be. It was a HELP and SUPPORT post, not a 'let me post this so I can be accused of something with no proof'.

    Maturity will only help everyone if they choose to exercise it.

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  19. Hi Lucky. It happened to me too. Somewhere between Monday and today. (Wednesday) With me it was about 15-16 stacks of diamond from my sign shop on server 5. Maybe everyone that was so quick to call you a liar can start wondering where they should hide their stuff now. Anyway I created a post just before I saw yours. You can have a look at that for more detail if you like. Like you I don't expect my diamonds back, I'd just like to know what happened to them, theft, hacking, glitch? Idk.
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  20. Well without hard evidence there is really nothing you can do. I get that this is just an inquiry as to what could have been the cause, but that is also hard to say without sufficient logs or evidence. Sometimes shit happens, we probably won't find out what happened to your stuff whether it was stolen or not. To bad though. Sucks to lose all your stuff.