I have a video idea.

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  1. Since we now have Jungle biomes, I can do this idea, Vietnam in Minecraft. The Jungle biome along with the Swamp biome would be PERFECT for this, but I don't have anything to record it with. So I am wonder, would anyone like to help me with this? I would need a recorder and a few actors.
  2. I could be an actor. We should take this to a private server, PVP, skins, maybe creative for all actors would be best so it wouldn't take as long to construct sets.

    Dude you just gave me an idea! I'm making a survival world (as soon as EMC is compatible so i don't have to downgrade) and doing the set to practice
  3. You mean you want to recreate some nice places in Vietnam or do you want to further glorify an unfair war driven by greed?
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  4. haters gonna hate jeez. Ever heard of a reenactment, or doing something for youtube? its called fun.

    Someone put Prune juice in their chex mix
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  5. ill act! i might also be a costumes head(director not :) lolz) does this work?
  6. So any war?
  7. Unfair war driven by greed.
  8. I will act or help in any way I can!!!
  9. I could now tell you about the vietnam war. Like what is not written in the history books of the US, to make people keep joining the army. But this would be disturbing. Just think about if you really want to glorify the death of over 6 million people (None of them ever did something wrong to anybody, no US Soldier did and no Vietnamese did. In Vietnam was a civil war and only because this was disliked by the US they went over and killed 6 Million people. As far as I recall europe didnt attack the US in there civil war time ... Would have North Us and South US today. US refugees would live in europe without a job, hated by the europeen for hanging around in there countries... This is what happened to the Vietnamese... Think about what your idea is about okay?
  10. So in other words, ANYTHING to do about this war is glorifying the deaths? HAHHAHHAH yeah no. You can't teach more generations if you don't have anything to teach them with.
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  11. TRUE DAT
  12. Alright then, if that is the case I expect an well researched (including different trustworthy sources) educative video, which does not covers up more information then the chinese government, like most movies towards this topic.

    Looking forward to see it.
  13. Dude its a game, go play a leap frog if you wanna hate, jesus.
  14. It's a fricking game. You want a "well-educated" video, feel free to make one your own self. This is a re-enactment, not a fricking documentary.

    And I will most definitely be an actor - I can also provide skins.
  15. HMMMM, Well, this is Minecraft, not the history channel. We only have bows for guns so... go watch Vietnam in HD.
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  16. And by the way, I cannot be a cameraman as I have no software for that.
  17. ill be camera man if you want then i can put it ether give it to you or put something together myself. or both
  18. I will record, I have 2 recording softwares, and a 139$ editing system, Id be more than happy to help :)
  19. Sorry guys, I'm going to put it on hold so I can work on my city. :/
  20. Oh damn I wish I could paricipate...But my minecraft is horrible you'll keep on saying CUT!@! cause of me... :oops: