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Do you find this fair?

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  1. So i was diamond supporter at one point. I had 4 reses. So today i wanted to get rid of one. (at this point im not diamond). i did /res unclaim. ok, so i go to an open res really close to my 1st one (i really wanted it) and when i go to claim it it says i can only have 3 reses. whats up with that? I was diamond, so i own 4, right? well for some reason now i only have 3. it never stated anywhere that i would lose a permission to a residence. That is now a waste of money for me, and im not going to buy diamond again, since im really low on cash. i just find it unfair that now i only have 3 residences. Is there anything an admin can do to get me another residence? It would be the greatest christmas gift i could ask for. If you can find it in your hearts to try and help me with this situation, then thank you. See you around smp1,
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  2. no, you are able to claim 4 while you are diamond, but when it runs out, you can't anymore.
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  3. When you are a diamond supporter you can claim 4 residences, and when your not a supporter you can only claim one. So when your supporter runs out you lose all your supporter perks but you get to keep your residences, if you unclaim one you lose it...

    Supporter is not a one time pay to get the perks for life, you have to keep paying for supporter to keep getting the perks. Its highly unlikely a staff member will claim a new res for you, so if you want a fourth residence you will have to get diamond again.

    This is well know buy everyone and i'm sure there is some thing explaining it in the wiki.
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  4. Well honestly when you go regular, you're lucky to even get to KEEP all the residences you claimed while you had the supporter membership. I see no problem here, you have over 900,000 places in your residence all the way to Y:256 if I did my calculations correct. :)

    Edit: Oh, and multiply that by three, over 2,700,000 places to build in those three residences. :)
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  5. You realize it says that in the EMC Wiki, if you have 4 plots, the you unclaim one whilse not holding Supportership of Diamond. Then it will not let you reclaim the residence. If you have any questions please contact a Moderator for information or please read the EMC Wiki.