I have a good idea to earn free rupees.....

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Do you think this is a good idea?

Yes 12 vote(s) 40.0%
No 7 vote(s) 23.3%
You should change it a bit.... 11 vote(s) 36.7%
  1. How about, every day you log-in in a row, the more rupees in the daily bonus for you!

    Day 1- 100
    Day 2- 200
    Day 3- 300
    Day 4- 400
    Day 5- 500
    Day 6- 600
    Day 7- 700

    Day 1- 400
    Day 2- 600
    Day 3- 800
    Day 4- 1000
    Day 5- 1200
    Day 6- 1400
    Day 7- 1600

    Day 1- 700
    Day 2- 1000
    Day 3- 1300
    Day 4- 1600
    Day 5- 1900
    Day 6- 2200
    Day 7- 2500

    Day 1- 1300
    Day 2- 1800
    Day 3- 2300
    Day 4- 2800
    Day 5- 3300
    Day 6- 3800
    Day 7- 4300

    If you log-in the second week, just add to the amount you had at the end of the last week.

    Please give your opinions

    Thanks to all in the Empire! :)
  2. But most EMC players log in every day.. Or so. I would be getting about 7000r a day if this was implemented, and that is rather OP in my opinion. Would you mind toning it down a little?
  3. 1. This would crash the economy.

    B. Supporters get their daily bonus automatically, so they would get their consecutive log-in bonus no matter what.

    III. It's a good idea, but it wouldn't work.
    • I'm not very good with lists.
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  4. like supermaster said... it would crash the economy. because what would i do with 4800 rupees a day? thats crazy.

    I would obviously just buy stuff from the shop instead of users because at that point.. it doesnt matter. and i will not want to sell anything beause hey... at the most in 24 hours *BAM* another 4800.

    I recall Justin saying something on chat last night about some modifications to the rupee system (as well as a hint toward a way to earn free rupees) so i would wait to see what our fearless leader has in mind before furthering on this idea.
  5. I suppose that IF it was supporter only and IF it scaled much slower, it wouldn't crash the economy. Something of a one-time loyalty bonus every month you play consistently.
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  6. i agree. if it was only for every month, and for supporters only, then i think it would be great if it where toned down to maybe 100 rupees a month. or maybe only if you have been on every day of the month?
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of activity / week to go towards the monthly bonus that would be persistent. Then, at best, the oldest person on the server would only get a few hundred extra rupees a day, rather than 10,000 extra rupees a day.
  8. justin is already adding a new way to earn rupees
  9. I think that it should be for supporters and if they are on every day of the month then they get a 800 rupee bonus for iron, 1200 for gold and 1500 for diamond
  10. SOME people are trying to be the richest on the empire, and were already behind by 300,000 rupees, AND were not diamond supporter, so this wouldnt be very helpfull to us, AND may ruin the economy, but MAYBE, if you logged in everyday for the whole week, get an extra 100 rupees or something like that, but not everyday, MAYBE every week or every other week, now that'd be a good idea.
  11. justin posted that on the forums HOURS ago, I was one of the first to read it, so no spoilers there lol
  12. were?what thread?
  13. I do believe a incremental daily log in bonus would indeed ruin the economy, and players would not appreciate the money as it came too freely to them. Shop owners would begin charging ridiculous amounts for items because there is just so much money floating around, the server shop would even be utilised. ;)
    I think if players worked for their rupees, be it slaving in a mine, chopping down trees or hunting/gathering, they would appreciate their earnings much more and use it wisely. This is a survival server after all, not a creative one.
    Of course if making money is the main goal in empire, then becoming a supporter is the best first step to make.
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  14. This would be cool
  15. thanks, oidgod :)

    also, wanna build a house on your utopia plot?
  16. I agree with audifan, should get a bonus of about 100 rupees at the end of the week.
  17. i
    i think it is ok how it is....because the idea, in my opinion, of minecraft and the empire is to go out to the wilderness and mine ur own materials. there are too many people on the server who think they have to buy all their materials, but this is not true!!! go to the wilderness and get your own stuff.....its not that hard!!
  18. Actually it is hard. The kand has been pretty much cleaned of resources.
  19. This is a good idea but it was ruin the point of the server, not the HAVE FUN Part. :) but the part of shops and things like that and if they got that much. justin and jeremy would would not have as much supporters or members. Plus the shops people wouldnt be saying anoyne got cheap wood? they'd just go and buy from sho[ because they have heaps of money...
    I 100% agree with shaunwhite1982 , i wouuld rather appreciate smaal amounts of money than just have 1000's just floating around. If you work for this money then it makes the game more complete :D
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  20. The nearby land has been. But in joining a survival server, my first thought would be that you wanted to "travel and explore" not buy everything. While the store and economy certainly makes a ton of fun for the Empire, it isn't the central idea behind it. :)