i hate griefers

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  1. :mad: im mad. and im sorry. but i hate griefers. this week i was griefed twice. on in waste and one in frontier. and all in places i built with friends to help other people. but some stupid people does that kind of thing only for sadic fun. thinking this way, i wanna know if i can made traps against these thieves, using all kind of painfull traps using lava and anvils, because im tired to be griefed. :(
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  2. Hello !!

    I am really sorry to hear of your recent troubles. If you would like you can start a PM with me on the forums and I can look into this for you.
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  3. Also no you can not make traps as that would be against the rules. Let one of us handle the players who caused an issue.
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  4. traps don't work against griefers anyway, they'll just come back and finish what they were doing

    what works against griefers is distance and anonymity
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  5. yeah, i know... that makes me think, why these people doenst go to servers with factions and pvp and prisions where this kind of thing is permited.... i dont know why they come to a friendly server to do this kind of thing
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  6. some people just like to watch the world burn
  7. I just wanted a close public iron farm :(. About my only hope is senior staff listening to an idea of one of the craziest smp8ers. Or possibly the anti grief update.
  8. Go into the middle of some mountain and make a hobbit house, use the whole inside of the mountain to build some giant awesome base, and then every time you want to go inside, just tunnel in and cover it up
    I've played factions a lot so I know what it's like to be "griefed"
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  9. I hope yall catch the griefers! This is one reason, I haven't built anything in the frontier yet!
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  10. Usually, I build a magnificent build in the wild, it gets griefed. I report the player and fix the damage. It looks completely new again until a player is tempted to grief. "Griefer Trap" :p
  11. Is it possible it was just creepers?
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  12. creepers doesnt loot chests lol :p
  13. yeah... i hope they can make a land claiming soon
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  14. its
    its a good idea... one of my xp farm is like this
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  17. Don't know, I've never had to use it.:D
  18. the griefer is banned... i was looking he was 4 days old in server, that make me think, he joined on the server just for grief? or was looking a easy way to get blocks?
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  19. Some people come on only to grief. It's sad but it happens. Either way, the problem is dealt with and you needn't worry about that griefer no longer.