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  1. I got kicked for grieving when i didn't grief!
    HELP! Also Dramanya i did not do it!
  2. Kicked? Or banned? If you were banned then go to a moderator's page and click "Appeal Ban"
  3. I'll assume this is NOT a way to get unbanned.
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  4. banned
  5. no it is not
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  7. Just to what the others said :) appeal the ban
  8. Go here and include everything that follows;
  9. i did i just hope she is on
  10. The only way they can ban you is if they roll back what was grieffed. They can see if you did it or not.
  11. appeal.emc.gs

    go there
  12. She is online, but even if she does not reply right away patience is the key to appealing/disputing a ban. Mods have busy lives both in game and out. <.< I wouldn't expect your appeal to be accepted within 5 minutes of sending the mod a pm.
  13. I dont know all i know is somone gave it to me
  14. ARRGH My friend did it and it wasnt me
  15. Your account, your responsibility.

  16. I know I know but he did it while i was not looking and hurt
  17. Your account, your responsibility.

  18. I think I'll just quote something out of a retired mod's signature.
  19. . i know
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