I got banned =(

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Axel_Axel, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. I was in wild with one of my friends cause we were bored and burned upp a guy cause we thought you could do that in wild then we got banned for griefing but we never got a warning i really like the empire and minecraft is not fun without playing on this awesome server so i would be really happy if you could remove my ban Axel_Axel and my friend who were just watching IZT
  2. Empire Minecraft is a Non-PVP Server.
    It's the very first question on the Tutorial.
    In The Rules.
    And In The Guide.

    Edit: Also, This isnt the proper way to Appeal a Ban.
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  3. I'm sorry you got banned but there is no one to blame but yourself. In the first page of the guide it clearly says NO PVP.

    This is the same guide you are suppose to read when you join the server.

    If you still think you were banned unfairly you should read this thread.
  4. Just to let you know, if caught burning another member or pouring lava on them or suffocating them, you get a free permaban without question. I personally think that burning another member for fun or "because I thought we could" is a rotten thing to do regardless. I hope you enjoy your ban.

    *Note: My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Empire as a whole*
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  5. Actually, I think I can safely say that, in this case anyway, your opinion does reflect the policies of Empire Minecraft ...quite well.

    We don't tolerate mean people here.
  6. I agree, PVP is not allowed, you should have read the guide more thouroghly. You should have checked before trying to kill that guy with lava.
  7. Is it just me or are people actually not reading the guide?
    The guide even says so in the first rule: you shall not destroy other people's creation.

    If I'm correct I can recall a comment or post by Justin that he wanted to make the tutorial more difficult. I for one, agree with that.
  8. Someone put me on fire the other day while I was in the wild fighting mobs. I should have seen it coming when a stranger with a flint and steel was following me around. So I did what anyone would have done I spamed f2 and showed a mod lol. and guess what he was BAN!
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  9. I always thought those people were my fans... :eek: Now I can trust nobody.
  10. Guys who follow me around freak me the heck out. Especially when they don't talk, just stalk you. You never know what their intentions are.
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  11. the funny thing is that when i stoped to say "Hi" is when he set me a blaze lol
  12. crazy your a mod?? congrats! anyway read the guide. if the tests were harder this wouldnt happen
  13. That’s not true all of the time, you can say that you haven’t broken rules even when knowing them, I leased I can’t say that. There will all ways be someone to light you on fire even if we make the maze harder but it will make it happen a lot less to say the leased.
  14. true... well i ha officially been 1 upped. =)
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  15. We actually did make the tutorial a tad bit harder than it was. Like Beards said, some people will simply not follow the rules, or guess a million times (rather than take the minute out to actually look for the answer) and still be rule breakers.
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  16. Whenever I see someone in the wild, I put a pumkin hat on and I prostalk them! 8D

    zazzzt a veri naizz body you hav zzzhere

    I think it's about time someone build a spleef arena :u
  17. definition of pvp:

    Short for player versus player PVP is a type of video or computer games in which the in-game combat takes place between two human players (gamers) rather than a player and a computer controlled opponent.

    burning a person dose not count as pvp becaues it is not a player doing damge, it is the lava that is doing the dameg.
    so if u push him into it it dosnt relly count as pvp, more like evp (enviroment vs player)

    just my opinion on it....
  18. That's like blaming a gun for being used in a murder.
  19. By that logic shooting someone with an arrow doesn't count as pvp because the arrow is actually doing the damage.
    Intention fire damage is pvp and banable, as you are the direct source of the damage.
  20. meh just my opinion
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