I got a head at the drop party... please read it explains more

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by xothis, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Well I got this head at the drop party last night and here it is:

    I might be being stupid but I dunno what/who it is. I'm sure green mystery looked like that... but maybe not. Well please help me!
  2. what drop party did you get it at. Try asking the guy who hosted the drop party.
  3. You know, if you did some trickery involving World Downloader and NBT edit, you could see what account that head belongs to...
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  4. Pretty sure it's from Krysyyjane9191 & ignoramoose's. Not sure, ask them :p
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  5. Looks like the head of slash14459 to me.
  6. I'll buy it of your selling
  7. I think I have one of those...
  8. It was renamed so it cannot be THAT special.
  9. it was from Krysyyjane9191 & ignoramoose's drop party