I Give You a Picture. You Write a Story

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  1. The game is simple. I give you a picture every week, of anything and you write me a story about that picture. Post the story in the comments.
    1. Follow ALL EMC rules.
    2. Be creative
    3. Until rule ∞ , all future rules are repeats of rule 1 and 2 but with more empathy each time.
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  2. One question, how did you type/get the font for ^
  3. The year: 2423. The state of humanity: Falling under attacks from a mutant alien race named the Stig.
    Humanity's only hope: Fire.
    Some say it's still burning
    I will probably write more I'm tired.
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  4. textcraft.net
  5. 'It has begun' Maxarias states. The war between water and fire has started. She is the head commander of fire, obviously. Conflict has happened a lot between water and fire, and obsidian tried to help but failed horribly, but now the war was raging on as she sat. Thinking of ways to beat water. 'We could kill the source block!' She said aloud, ecstatic of her find. 'But Maxarias..' Aikar exclaimed. 'The source block is the most protected and at times extremely hard to get to!' Maxarias tried to think of a strategy. After a few minutes she decided she'd have distractions at the front and have some troops come from the side when no one was looking to come in for the kill. She explained this to Aikar and they both went to get more fire.

    And as they stood on the stone battlefield, torches surronding, Maxarias and Aikar and the same thoughts. 'It has started... The final war between us....'


    Its a comical story, but at the same time its serious ...Kinda... using this color instead of the usual pink cause basically the whole story is pink, but anyways, hope you liked it! :p

  6. Will they all be minecraft pictures?

  7. Over night, on a new player's adventure in the nether, a mysterious cavern was found. It contained the head of the one we all know, Maxarias. A public help forum was posted and confusion arose. Who did this? Why did they do it? What did it mean? The evidence screenshot they provided made most think the same thing, Max's obsessions were getting out of hand. The fire was a giveaway, some argued it was her most loved thing. But other argued that it could just be a weird arrangement of the fire randomly spawning, but that still didn't explain why Max's head was there.... Max and Aikar has failed to take part in the thread, while Detective Kryssy Who was an active contributor. She brought up the fact that there was a command block above the fire, and she should investigate. Players from every server gathered to try and join Kryssy on her investigation, but she explained that it simply was "too dangerous" and they must stay "for the whole safety of the community". However, on the night of the expedition, the thread was locked as hundreds waited for any announcements from the Detective. No such announcements were ever made and the EMC community was left wondering what happened to the weird flaming cavern. Kryssy returned the next day, but no words were spoken about the adventure, all traces of the investigation ever happening were removed. Players were lead to assume they simply imagined the whole thing, which has been accepted now as the community forgets the flames and burns

    (This is why I draw and never write. This isn't meant to be offensive to anyone!)
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  8. Wow, that was great!
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  9. FROM THE JOURNAL OF JOHN - January 21, 2141

    The nether was leaking through the portal. I stood there on the server in confusion. Soon the exits were blocked replaced by rooms. Curiosity made me walk to discover a room which led me to believe it was a symbol of the ban of a player who hacked. Probably had something to do with command blocks. Empire Lore led me to believe it was a player long forgotten.


    Home>Wiki>Empire Lore>The Forbidden One


    It was day in town. There were Zombies that flickered throughout Town. It wasn't logged. No one knew what he/she was. A player unknown to this day was hacking. He/she was hacking using the most discrete mod.


    He/she was banned forever.


    I guess I know who it was.

    going to write something for this though.
    once i get out of writer's block
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  11. Maxarias finally rebuilds her lair after the Nov. 2012 Griefing Incident and becomes obsessed with fire as a measure against griefers and a automatic ban hammer powered by Justin Bieber's head after defeating him in PVP after realising how bad Justin is at musical.
  12. Probably